The New Captain America Game Includes This Perfect Captain America Moment

I consider Captain America to be a bit boring. I mean, what's he got... a shield and some steroids? Still, I respect the Marvel hero's popularity and I think I know what makes Captain America who he is. So I was happy to see, early on in the new Captain America: Super Soldier video game, the scene I captured for you in the video here.

What's more Captain America than what we've got here?

(I'll have more about the new Captain America game, at least the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, on Friday. There's some interesting stuff in it, beyond the moment in this clip.)

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So pissed at this movie. I love Cap, but Marvel, you didn't have to sacrifice the story that Brubaker was telling and effing kill Bucky in a shoddy summer event. Just, gah!