Mark your calendars: on January 29th, the 'Revolution' map pack for Black Ops II drops. And it packs a ton of content according to this trailer: not only does it have a number of new maps, but it also features a new game mode that lets you play as the zombies in a mode appropriately called 'Turned.' About time, eh? It also includes the first DLC gun in Call of Duty history ('Peacekeeper,' it's called), if that's your sort of thing. But really, guys: you can play as the zombies!

I'm curious if the lack of corners on that skatepark really makes that much of a difference. Wouldn't think so, but I haven't played it, so who knows. Either way, the devs are promising maps that play with verticalility and maps that allow you to play with the environment a bit, so the DLC looks interesting.


Revolution DLC Map Pack Preview - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video [CALLOFDUTY]