The too-long, too-squat, too-dull Arkham Knight Batmobile is probably my least favorite Batmobile design ever, and the action feature makes it look like a dead frog:

The Arkham Knight Batmobile will be $85 at SDCC and presumably available at Matty Collector sometime thereafter:

The tires can do a complete 360-degree spin, allowing the vehicle to turn on a dime… very handy for pursuing villains. When the top of the vehicle is pressed downward the firepower is revealed: on the left side, a riot suppressor rubber bullet gun, and on the right side, a high-powered Gatling gun, both with sounds and light effects – straight from the game! Hold the activation button longer than three seconds to create a red glow, simulating heat transferring, and press the rear button to turn on the headlights and play the game’s iconic Bat-swarm sound effect. There are also controls to rev the engine, to see the exhaust light up, and for the sound of the cannon. The vehicle comes with an articulated DC Comics Multiverse Arkham City Batman figure with a fabric cape allowing Batman to sit in the driver’s seat!

Via TNI.


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