The Mystery of Fallout 4's Children of the Atom

In this week’s episode of The Save Files, we take a look at one of Fallout’s most outlandish factions: the Church of Atom. At first, everything about the Atom’s religion sounds completely nuts...that is, until you play the Far Harbor DLC.

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After showing up to their base for the quest line and seeing them murder a follower right outside in front of me, I decided I was better off without them. Plus I had Old Longfellow with and he didn’t like them so we attacked them and left no survivors. Found out later I missed out on some legendaries only given by the atom, so that sucked.

When I think about it, after finishing the game and the DLC, there is no faction I truly agree with or like. Minutemen would be the closest but those annoying quests turned me off. It's kinda sad there's no great group out there because it would of been more fulfilling working for a group I liked or could relate to.