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The Mystery Deepens In Possible Hotel Dusk Sequel

Illustration for article titled The Mystery Deepens In Possible Hotel Dusk Sequel

Japanese blog Sinobi reports that there are retail listings for a Hotel Dusk sequel for the Nintendo DS titled Last Window: Midnight Promise (Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku).


According to the blog, CING's sequel is set in 1980s Los Angeles and will hit Japanese shelves January 14. A cursory search of Amazon Japan doesn't turn up anything, but Sinobi somehow has box art.

Illustration for article titled The Mystery Deepens In Possible Hotel Dusk Sequel

Nintendo doesn't comment on rumors or speculation. However, we can puzzle this out with some simple logic and a basic sense of economics: First, Hotel Dusk did pretty well for itself both in American ratings. Second, it did well for itself in Japanese sales. Conclusion: a sequel two years out would make perfect sense and it might even come Stateside.

Time will tell if we've solved the mystery.

Wii「斬撃のREGINLEIV」、DS「ラストウィンドウ 真夜中の約束」発表 [Sinobi via Pocket Gamer]

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If the conversation trees were easier, I'd be quite happy.

The final boss fight was a conversation. A brilliant concept, except that you had to say the right thing at virtually -every- junction. It wouldn't tell you where you landed on this "All or Nothing" mentality until the end of the conversation. The momentum gained by the rapid-fire mysterious relevations were undermined by the trial and error approach that had to be repeatedly applied to each of the many attempts to pass it.

Same with that Jeff Angel kid. I think that he solidified my hate when you had to get his confession in the same fashion.

My indirect point is that I loved the game, but there were critical flaws that needn't be in a sequel.

I'm all ears for a version that promises it learned from its rookie endeavor into the franchise. #hotelduskroom215