The Music in the Fanta Fruit Slam Game is Driving Me Insane

There's a new Fanta advergame on Facebook and iOS, giving fans of the increasingly popular soft drink a chance to slowly succumb to the madness of its thumping, giggling theme music.

Fanta Fruit Slam isn't all that bad for a game that is advertising the syrupy-sweet fruit soda line. Utilizing Unity 3D, developer Fishlabs Entertainment has built a cute little fruit-tossing game, think snowball fight but with strawberries, pineapples and other assorted produce. It's got single and multiplayer against friends and strangers, leaderboards, unlockable characters and power-ups.


It also has the most hideous menu music in the history of menus. It starts off fine, just a beat and some low bass keys. Then a girl giggles and everything goes insane. There are high-pitched oooos, strange electronic voices chanting rhythmically—it's the sort of music you start tapping your foot to until you realize the bounciness is layered atop dark chords meant to summon dark things from the edge of time into our world.

You can turn the music off, of course, and that leaves you with an okay game about throwing fruit at people.

If you absolutely must hear it for yourself you can do so on Facebook or download the free iOS app.


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