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The much-anticipated Harry Potter augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been delayed until 2019, co-developers Niantic and WB Games indicated today in a new trailer. It was slated to come out this year. The mobile game will capitalize on the success of Pokemon Go’s tech, although details on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s gameplay are slim.


[Update—12:57 pm ET: An earlier version of this story failed to mention that WB Games is co-developing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with Niantic. We have amended the article to reflect this.]

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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I have absolutely no confidence in Niantic after Pokemon GO. They had the opportunity of the century to make a game for everyone so people could get a little more into video games. They could have made exploring around cities fun. We could have awesome battles, sense of community and such.

And we had the worst game design I have ever seen in my life. It completely misses the point of Pokemon. The rarest pokemon are in the most populated areas. Countryside has fuck all. We have to capture thousands of the same pokemon to train one. Train one for what? A clicker game with no strategy at all. The only fun thing, looking for pokemons, has been removed from the game 3 weeks after release because it was too hard on their servers...

They wasted this golden opportunity, I’m still amazed Nintendo put its seal of quality on this thing. So many game designers could have done an amazing work with this... It hurts.