The Mouse Pad You Can Grill A Burger On

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This may be the first post on a mouse pad I've ever done. Then again, it's also the first mouse pad I've seen you can cook a burger on.

Rude Gameware's "Fierce Teflon" pad is designed for the serious PC gamer, with the pad packing a steel base and a teflon surface. While this means it's heavy and smooth to roll your mouse over, it also means - as you can see in the pic above - you can put it on a grill and cook stuff on it.

Not the most practical of applications for a mouse pad, sure, but when you're paying $30 for one it's nice to have a secondary use for it.


Rude Gameware promotes grilling on its PC gaming mouse pad [Big Download]

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Fuck the mousepad, those burgers have cheese IN THEM.


Though I have seen some like that before, they never cease to amaze me.