It's USB powered. Each face is capable of displaying numbers in 256 million colors. It's got a proximity sensor, a magnetic field sensor, an accelerometer and an ARM microcontroller with temperature sensor. It's a six-sided die for tablet board gaming, and it's beautiful.

On sale now for $39.99, the Dice+ Universal Board Game Controller has the power to return the most important mechanic of them all to board games on the iPad and Android tablets. Sure, we can randomize numbers all day long via computer, but there's something so satisfying about holding a die in your hand, and that glorious tension as it clatters about just can't be accurately replicated on a screen.


Poland's Game Technologies put the whole thing together, packing as much tech as they possibly could into a small cube.

While the Dice+ comes with a nice selection of games to get players started, it's success will come down to future support for other digital board game makers. the company promises more games coming in 2013 and early 2014, including popular existing board game properties ranging from family-friendly fare to edutainment titles to board game classics.


Hopefully the Dice+ will be popular enough for hackers to mod it, ushering in a new era of digital/phsycial cheating.

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