Franklin, Michael and Trevor, the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, are one of a kind...well, kind of. If you don't happen to get hit with a glitch that clones characters, then sure!

A few people over at Reddit have shared pictures and videos of a bizarre cloning glitch that you've gotta see to believe. Up above, that's a selfie from a hilarious set of pictures by iamkevin. Here's the rest of the set, where it was decided that there can only be one:


Oh yes, there's video. Here we have SHOTnSKILLZ trying to decide how to best kill his doppelganger.

It's not just the protagonists, though. Sometimes, other characters get cloned too! Check out this clone mishap captured by Only1Gam3r...makes you wonder if you can make your own clones, too.

Have you encountered this glitch? No? What about any of these ridiculous glitches? No? I'd call you lucky, except honestly, these seem to enhance the game!


(Via r/gaming)