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The Most Incredible, Improbable Video Game Trick-Shots

Earlier this week, I was messing around with video game bows and arrows for an article I was writing on the subject. Shooting arrows, lighting stuff on fire, blowing up aliens... you know, research.


One of the games I was writing about was Skyrim, and while playing, I captured the video above. Actually, I accidentally shot that video—I was testing out how the bow worked, loosed an arrow, and was amazed to see the bird fall from the sky. I looked around my apartment, as you do when you pull something like that off, you know, "God, I wish someone'd seen that!" Then, I saw that the counter in the corner of my screen was red, since I'd accidentally hit the record button for my video-capture software. YES.


Anyway, it's not the most amazing trick-shot ever or anything—I'm not even entirely convinced that the game didn't help me a little—but I'm pretty proud of it. And I know there are some much more amazing videos out there, so I thought it be fun to do a "show us" post where you guys share you favorite insane video game longshots.

So, let us have 'em. Show us your favorite video game trick-shots, hopefully with video, in the comments below.

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Kirk Hamilton

And while we're on Skyrim, this one's pretty much obligatory.