The Most Gloriously Depressing Christmas Song of the Season

I don't like most Christmas music. "Jingle Bell Rock," "Baby It's Cold Outside," "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"... they can all pretty much bite me.


I saw this band called Foxtails Brigade last night in San Francisco and was majorly impressed. So, I am sharing their brand-new (and wonderfully depressing) Christmas song "I'm Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year" with you to help burn the late-night oil.

This video captures some of the band's old-time sound, but doesn't highlight lead singer lead singer/guitarist Laura Weinbach's full range of ability. She is a shredder, basically... like if Daria was super good at nylon-string guitar and also at singing. Basically, they are a cool band, and worth giving a listen.


Some of the other stuff on their YouTube channel shows off Weinbach's chops, with a highlight being "Dirtbags and Dozers," which they did about 30 clicks faster and 30% crazier when they performed it for us.

I also like how their drummer plays a makeshift kit including what looks to be a bottle of Trader Joe's two-buck chuck. Now that's a trash-kit I can get behind.

You can find out more about the band on their homepage.

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This is my favorite holiday song.

Live version since there isn't a music video of it.