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The Most Gleefully Random Card Game is Amazing on iOS

The card experts at Playdek prove their mastery of the mobile deck genre with an amazing port of Andrew Looney's rule-bending card game Fluxx, now available on iTunes.


Fluxx is the most fun two to four people can have with a deck of cards, a glorious cacophony of ever-changing rules and goals. The cards players put down determine how the game is played—one minute each player draws and plays one card on their turn, the next they're drawing five and forced to play all but one. The winner is the person that has the correct combination of special item cards in play, but that correct combination is constantly in flux as well.

It's an incredibly entertaining game, one I did not think would translate well into a mobile game. Playdek has surprised me, creating a title that's as fun to play alone against AI opponents as it is playing asynchronously online with strangers or passing the iPad among friends.


Now they just need to start grinding out expansions. I want all the cards in my iPad right now.

Fluxx - $2.99 [iTunes]

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I seem to recall Fluxx having some weird rules, like having to maintain a fake accent, in order to maintain bonuses. I'm not sure that this game would translate well to one where you're not playing in person.