The Most Entertaining Speedrun For A Game You've Never Heard Of

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On the left we have aspiring voice actor Patrick “Patty” Cullens, aka PCULL, whose mother may or may not have been murdered by a windmill. On the right is MrWeables, who possibly lives in a rustic castle with Will Ferrell. They’re playing a game you’ve probably never heard of, and they’re hilarious.


Part of the joy of watching the Summer Games Done Quick marathon is watching people play games you’ve never heard of, like Maldita Castilla. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, here’s the plot summary as given by PCULL during the stream.

The kingdom is being overrun by Will Ferrell and his pack of demons. So he’s taken over the world with his demons and he seduces this Moura chick so she cries because who wants to get seduced by Will Ferrell? So he uses her tears to open a portal to hell and unleash the demons. You have to collect the tears, use the tears to open a portal to hell but not until after you beat her until she takes off her clothes and transforms into a monster. Then you go to hell and you break Will Ferrell’s heart by sucking his dick.

Maldita Castilla is actually an arcade game created by Spain’s Juan Antonio Becerra as a homage to arcade games like Ghosts and Goblins and inspired by the 16th century chivalric romance Amadis de Gaula. It’s available for free download from Becerra’s website, but it’s much more entertaining watching these two race to the finish.

PCULL set the world record for a 100 percent completion speedrun of the game back in March of this year. MrWeables beat it a couple weeks later. And then continued to beat it. His best time thus far was 26 minutes and 20 seconds, posted five days ago.

So they are best friends. It’s like a sitcom. Watch the run, which starts around 17 minutes into the video below.

Some choice moments for the video impaired:

  • “Why are they clapping? ‘Yeah, two minutes into the run!’”
  • “So homeless Gandalf is sort of a prick and just likes to warp around a lot.”
  • “I’m having fun with this dude’s beard.”
  • “Shout out to Twitch terms of service for this naked woman here.”
  • “Push the two cycle into my chest.”
  • “You might die to a blueberry surprise.” “Papa-ma-dildo and his blueberry surprise.”

Or just watch it. It’s better that way.


Alexander Stream

I laughed at some points during this stream, they definitely seemed like genuine smart-asses. Much better to watch than the dude that ran Crash Bandicoot 3 and thought he was the funniest thing to ever happen to the internet, when the whole thing was actually just incredibly cringe-worthy.