The internet is filled with hyperbole, but hyperbole, this ain't. Don't believe me? Just check out the above video.

In elementary schools across Japan, students have morning assemblies. They take roll and greet each other. Younger grades are noisy, sure, but this class, however, is something else.


The video is titled "Salutations Training" (あいさつ訓練 or "aisatsu kunren"), and the kids start out with Paper, Rock, Scissors and then you can see the children:

- Say "Good morning!" and bow repeatedly

- Say "Thank you!" about five times

- Say, "If I try, I can do it!" repeatedly

- Say, "I'm going to do it!"

- Say, "Super happy!"

- Say, "Lucky!" repeatedly and crowd around a student, who then says, "Thanks!"

- Say, "We're always the smiley, happy class!"

- Say, "Let's always be kind to our classmates' feelings!"

- Say, "Let's always greet others first!"

- Say, "When it's time to do something, we'll do it!"

- Say, "We'll do our best!"

I'm not sure of the video's source (it might be a training video for teachers?), but online in Japan, people seem to think these kids are a bit too energetic, totally frightening, and that this is some sort of madness. Salutations madness?


The above video has over one thousand dislikes on YouTube. Sounds like some people need to get super happy!

小学校の朝礼がスゴすぎる![Heart YouTube@YouTube]

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