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The Most Common Movement Mistakes In Counter-Strike

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Some solid tips on movement and peeking angles. voo CSGO shows some of the mistakes new and even experienced players make a lot (strafing by using W too much for example) and how to fix them.


Checking angles and positions is indeed the key to become good, and no matter how popular CS:GO is, tricks like these aren’t common knowledge among new players.

It’s worth checking out voo’s other videos for some more advice. They prove there’s so much depth to the game’s mechanics.


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Theodore Brosevelt

CS:S/CS:GO noob here, do you really continue moving after releasing any of the WASD keys? The video implies that people release W/A and press S/D to stop movement. This implies that the time it takes you to release and transition keys takes less time than simply releasing the key to stop.

Is this common in FPS games and I just haven’t noticed or is this unique to CS? I always simply release the key to stop movement. I would assume pressing S immediately after releasing A would make me strafe right rather than stop faster.