The Most Badass Weapons in Borderlands 2

What's the most badass weapon you've seen in Borderlands 2?

We'll start.

Above is my favorite and best weapon. Sure, I've got a Tediore rocket launcher that does over 10k damage. (Although the danger with having a Tediore-made rocket launcher is that I'll forget it shoots out an extra rocket when I reload it. And sometimes I reload while looking at my feet. Yeah...)


But this little guy burns enemies to death and therefore rarely needs more than one or two shots on enemies equal to my level. It's also pretty nice looking.

Then there are the more rare weapons and the, um, Mad Moxxi variety of weapons.


Readers, show us the most badass weapon you've come across in your playthroughs of Borderlands 2.

Submit your pics below.

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Behold, the most game breaking item ever crafted. Not a "weapon" per se, but this thing will turn a Lv.1 white gun into a beastly monster that can melt Lv.50 badasses like they're nothing.