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The Moon Is In Beijing! She Looks Concerned

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week, a strange sight appeared in Beijing's subway. A young lady got on Beijing Subway's line 8. She was wearing a giant moon mask.

As reported by various different Chinese sites, a young woman appeared in Beijing's line 8 wearing a giant moon helmet on her head. The helmet covered her entire head.


It's still unconfirmed why she was walking around cosplaying as the moon. The facial expression on the moon was also a look of concern. Subway passengers and Chinese netizens were both bemused and confused.


Some netizens have called out the stunt as a marketing ploy. Others have said that this is an example of a cosplay gone too far, that the girl must've been cosplaying and just decided to wear the helmet on the subway. No one seems to be claiming the credit for the photos. They just appeared online last week! Suspicious, no?

The most interesting thing right now though, is how she walked past security with the helmet on. Security in Beijing right now is super tight due to the recent anniversary of tank man. Recent terrorist attacks have also put the country on edge.


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