The Monster Hunter 3 Trailer from Nintendo's Presser

Click to view Someone attending Nintendo's fall presser snapped up this video-of-video of the Monster Hunter 3 trailer, which Bash alluded to in his liveblog. So the image quality is necessarily poor but, for those interested in the franchise, you can get a look at some underwater encounters with familiar, seafaring beasts, and then some surface-world hack-n-slash against dinos and way more exotic foes. Monster Hunter 3 by Capcom for the Wii, has no release date more specific than "early 2009" for Japan and North America. Monster Hunter 3 Trailer by raven1221 [Gametrailers, thanks reader Gloom]


I hate Nintendo so mutch. At start this was going to be realesed on the PS3, but nooooo, along comes Nint$ndo with all those yens. Why cant we share Nitendo?! WHY!!!???

Now im curious how MH is going to tacke advantage of the Wiimote. Probably nothing worthy of the change of plataforms I guess... >_>