The soundtrack for the upcoming co-operative heist game Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is a rowdy, somewhat tongue-in-cheek collection of piano bangers from Journey composer Austin Wintory. But those tunes really only tell half the story.

In addition to the music you hear when you're playing the game, the downloadable soundtrack will include a second "Gentleman's Private Collection" of re-arranged and remixed tunes, each by one of a wide variety of well-known internet musicians. (Side note: Can I say that I don't love the term "Internet Musician?" I think it's useful, insofar as there's a certain type of musician that it describes, but it's still a kind of precious term. Anyway, you know what I mean.) Among them, Peter Hollins, he of that hilariously OTT Skyrim video, Tina Guo (the cellist from the Journey soundtrack) and Super Hexagon composer Chipzel, whose track you can hear here:


(Hear here? Hear, hear!)

The full album will be out in a couple of days, on April 24, which is the same day the game hits Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. You can pre-order the soundtrack here, and you'll get some of the tracks early.

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