The Michael Jackson Experience Makes The View Audience Scream

If you can stomach the sounds of Whoopi Goldberg talking with her mouth full, you see an impressive demonstration of The Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii and an audience overcome with the thrill of free stuff.


Guinan chokes down a cookie while presenting Ubisoft's Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii on ABC's The View. The women in the audience cheer loudly. Then they start screaming when Whoopi reveals that everyone in the audience is getting a Wii and a copy of the game.

Does this make the Michael Jackson Experience any less creepy?

No. Nothing could do that.

Besides, the studio audience for The View will scream at anything. You could give them free half-chewed meat and they'd open up their mouths and squawk like hungry baby birds.



"Y'all are getting everything free except for the glove, which y'all could probably get rich off of on eBay!"

—what I wish Whoopi had said

On a related note, Ellen Degeneres promoted DKC Returns on her show today as "Donkey Kong Country". I was confused at first; I thought, "But DKC is already on VC!". Then, I saw the cover, and thought, "Oh, that game!". Later, she's talking to Kelly Osbourne, and I see a man in a big DK costume walking towards her. I'm like an excited boy, saying, "It's Donkey Kong! It's Donkey Kong!" I'd probably be even crazier if I was in the audience! So, DK jumps out and scares Kelly, beating his chest like DK does, and the whole audience gets a Wii and the game more than a week early! I see one man in the audience who can barely contain his excitement, and I think, "That's just what I would do!" But it's alright! I'm getting the game shipped by the 24th, the day before Thanksgiving!