The Metroid II Remake Nintendo Doesn't Want You To Play

AM2R is a full scale remake of 1991's Game Boy classic Metroid II: Return of Samus. In the works for years, the fan-made game updates the original to modern standards. It was released just in time to celebrate Metroid’s 30th birthday before the project was hit with a DMCA from Nintendo. Nintendo does not want you to play this game. I played it anyway. Join me as I explore, shoot Metroids, morph ball around, and chat about game preservation!


Update 1:47pm- This post originally stated that the creator received a cease and desist rather than a DMCA. We have corrected the wording.

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Ashley Smith

Glad I took the advice of a fellow Kotaku’er(?) xD and downloaded it even though I might not play it just because of they guessed a cease and desist would come.