The Men Behind The Men Of Uncharted 3

This is, wait for it, a making-of clip for a trailer. Silly, we know, but you may want to click play anyways and skip straight to 3:57, because buried amidst the back-slapping is a cool sight.


It is, for those who haven't viewed the "making of" featurettes on the actual Uncharted game dics, a quick glimpse at just why the series has the best "acting" in the video game business today: because it's actually acted.

Uncharted 3 was first shown off this weekend at the Spike Video Game Awards. You can view the reveal trailer here.


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I have to say I seriously love 2 player productions style of filming and editing. I can easily tell when it's them working on it from, watching their first season of Penny Arcade. I'm glad they continue to do such good work in the video game industry.