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The Mega 64 GDC Videos You Didn't See*

*That is, unless you actually attended this year's Game Developers Conference and the associate Independent Game Festival Awards, because these two skits aired during the ceremony. And they're quite good.

As good as Mega 64's Metal Gear Solid spoof? That all depends on your point of view. Particularly if you're a fan of indie gaming.


The first, "Topher Great Payens 'The GDC,'" spins a romantic musical yarn that transports the viewer to the ancient "Time of Gamings" and sings of the glory that is indie game development. The hair is fabulous and the tonguing is copious. If you don't "get it," brush up on your internet.

The second, "IF YOU'RE NOT INDIE, F**K YOU," combines the hilarity of unsuspecting people being socked in the face with a cameo from The Behemoth's Dan Paladin with the work "fuck."

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For some reason, this reminds me of the SNL Digital Short skit of Andy Samburg punching people.