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The Meaning Of Super Mario Clouds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The work of technology artist Cory Arcangel, a bit well-known for his Super Mario Bros. art/hack seven years ago, is part of an exhibit running in London. The artist reflected on what his Mario-with-just-clouds means, at least, to him.

Speaking of "Super Mario Clouds," he tells The Guardian's Keith Stuart:

"I knew that the clouds would be simple enough for people to latch on to, and I knew that in order to make art that dealt with technology, you had to, in a way, have the art not directly be about specific technologies. I mean, we think everyone played Nintendo, but really, hardly anybody played Nintendo. Now looking back on it all – it's about… what do these pixelated clouds represent? It represents the whole progression of humans, communication and technology. But I couldn't write that down. And it became a meme slowly. I put it up and it took years for people to see it, but it worked…"


Art doesn't have to mean anything (right?). But if you'd like to share your own thoughts on the work, have at it. And check the original article for more about Arcangel's peers, influences and other works.

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