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The Mean Streets Of Video Game City

Illustration for article titled The Mean Streets Of Video Game City

In an attempt to drum up a few more subscriptions, storied Brit magazine Edge offered this wonderful poster - by Gary "Army of Trolls" Lucken - as a gift to subscribers.


Long-time Edge readers may remember his work in previous issues, most notably the retro specials. Everyone else, you've probably seen his pixellated masterpieces somewhere.

The piece in question (which was sent to subscribers as a big, proper poster alongside issue #203) consists of a video game city, comprised entirely of classic video game characters, vehicles and locations. Sort of like Goon City, only a little slicker.


Click below for an embiggened version.

Edge's Subscriber Poster [Edge]

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You know what that poster needs? A Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. With Balloons. And Cacodemons. Yeah.