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The McDonalds Nintendo DSi

Illustration for article titled The McDonalds Nintendo DSi

A few weeks ago, I showed you every Nintendo DS that had ever been released. Turns out I missed one: the official McDonalds Japan DSi console!


While we knew that staff in Japanese McDonalds restaurants were being trained on Nintendo's handhelds, we had no idea they were being trained on official, company-branded consoles. And tastefully-branded to boot!


The clip below, from a Bloomberg report last week, shows not only the console, but the training software in action as well. Interesting stuff!

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That's interesting. And ha, you can't do that on a PSP/PSP Go! The DSi is relatively cheap and it got wifi support too.

Every company should have this, Pizzahut, Burger King, KFC Kentucky, 7-Eleven. Or are they gonna use iPod touch or even the iPad (maybe too expensive?)?