The Mark Of A DJ Hero Player: One Gamer Point

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1-point Xbox 360 Achievements have been done before, but they're rare. (Forza 2 has a pair.) If you play DJ Hero, prepare to gain a single point.


This is a warning or maybe it's a helpful hint for those striving for just one ... more... point.

Me? I didn't notice until someone sent me a message over Xbox Live to remark that the DJ Hero developers had included a one-point Achievement.


You get it for playing your first mix of songs, which is the first thing you'll accomplish outside of the game's tutorial.

My gamerscore now ends in a 1, not that I could even tell you what it is. Looking it up, it is... 18,521.

I've got a request in to the DJ Hero developers to find out what they were thinking.

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I'll say this again, since apparently not everyone realizes it.

Gamerscores mean nothing.

Have a good day. #gamerscore