Before the default female Commander Shepard received her very public and slightly drastic makeover, artists had to come up with a ton of ideas on just what she could/would look like.


While those designs were eventually whittled down to six, which were voted on by fans, artist Jason Chan (who we've featured on Fine Art here on Kotaku previously), the man behind the official images, has shared what a lot of the unused and unseen concepts looked like.

It's...interesting. Look closely and you see that there were wildly different variations on the theme, spanning races, faces and features.

Take a step back, though, and they're an army of scowls, unified by cranky eyebrows. Well, most of them are. If you squint (or click below to embiggen), you'll see that some, realising they are the star of a blockbuster video game franchise, are actually smiling.


You can see more of Jason's art at his personal site.

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