The Many Samples and Sound-Alikes of Earthbound

Few games boast soundtracks as bizarre and innovative as Earthbound's, but perhaps the most innovative (and legally troubling) aspect of all is its use of sampling and sound-alikes.

Click the video above to see what we mean.

Over the years, Earthbound's devoted fan base has picked apart every aspect of the SNES cult classic, tracking down every possible sample, homage and sound-alike in the game. Some are as clear as day (Ric Ocasek's "This Side of Paradise"), others are debatable (The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"). Most notorious of all are the homages to The Beatles, which most speculate is one of the many reasons for the game's continued absence on the Virtual Console all these years.


In the video above, we've rounded up the most convincing comparisons the amazing Earthbound community has to offer. Judge for yourself!

Screencaps and Information via Earthbound Central & Visit them for more info on the Mother franchise.

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Man Earthbound was a really weird but addicting game.

I still remember that one puzzle which required you to wait for like 5 minutes for no reason.