Join us for a nostalgic look back at a decade of waiting for PC gaming to die.

PC gaming isn't dying. It's just that over the past decade the industry has changed, and those changes haven't always been easy for traditional PC game producers and players to understand.


We used to go to computer stores and wander through aisle after aisle of colorful PC game boxes. Over the past ten years those sections have shrunk considerably. First the boxes got smaller. Then they began to disappear altogether as faster internet connections made services like Steam and Direct2Drive more attractive to players.

Like a childhood friend whose voice deepens and interests begin to change, the puberty of the PC gaming industry had many of us concerned.


PC gaming survives. Some would say it thrives. It may have mellowed with age and sprouted hair in odd places, but PC gaming is not going anywhere.

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Music: Clair de lune, third movement of Debussy's Suite bergamasque.
With research from Stephen Totilo.

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