The Many Looks Of Lara Croft

Once again, we have an amazing collection of artwork from The Design Inspiration to share with all of you. This time, the subject is Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

Now, I dig Tomb Raider. But after Zero Punctuation's brutal review of Underworld, I'm started to feel mighty uncomfortable about all the animals Ms. Croft knocks off on her way to steal valuable stuff from dead people. In all seriousness, I actually apologized to the virtual panthers I shot up during my own review of Underworld. Because I'm a huge softie. And a cat owner. And maybe a little crazy after 10 straight hours of gameplay on deadline.


Enjoy the artwork, from the over-sexed to the over-manga'd. This image comes from Joe Jusko.

40 Various Styles Artworks of Lara Croft [The Design Inspiration]

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