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The Many Faces of Commander Shepard, Kickass Space-Lady

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the process by which BioWare is choosing an official female Commander Shepard for Mass Effect. In this piece, I went on a flight of fancy about an imagined commercial that would feature a constantly shifting montage of various Shepards, highlighting the customizability that makes Mass Effect so cool.


As it turns out, YouTube user Sagequeen is way ahead of me, and has made this totally sweet fan video. And okay, okay, I'm not sure how effectively it would sell Mass Effect to an audience that didn't already know the game, but it is pretty damn cool.


Thanks to Twitter user @PawOfTheSouth for the heads-up.

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Mr. Mosty-Toasty, fka Cracklin' Oat Train

I have just finished ME for the first time, but as Male Shep. I had heard how great Jennifer Hale is in the role and how awesome it is to play as FemShep, and after seeing this video, I'm tempted to start a FemShep of my own. But first I need to make my way through ME2...