The Man Tried To Shut Sega's Jet Set Radio Graffitti Party Down

Afraid Sega's "graffitti is art" themed Jet Set Radio pre-launch contest would inspire vandalism, then San Francisco mayor Willie Brown tried to have the company's event permits revoked. Did you know that? I didn't know that.

Mind you the event was actually for Jet Grind Radio, the American name of the game inspired by both a desire to create something lighter than Panzer Dragoon Saga and the anti-authority message of the movie Fight Club. Sega fired back at Mayor Brow, gangster -style, because gangsters are always proving that their permits were obtained legally and therefor could not be revoked. Take that, the man.


The rest of Did You Know Gaming's look at the coolest game never to get a real proper sequel looks at the musical messages and Easter eggs proliferating its once and Future badness.

I'm in no rush for a sequel. I'm content leaving Jet Set Radio and its follow-up perfect as they are, lest we invoke a Jet Set Radio Boom.

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