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The Man Named PlayStation And Other Fascinating PS2 Facts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The PlayStation 2 was so beloved by its owners that a man in Britain legally changed his name to PlayStation 2 and looked into marrying his system. Did You Know Gaming's latest video looks at this and other weird facts about the best-selling console of all-time.

If I were to change my name to that of a video game console, I probably wouldn't go for one with a number in the name. I think I'd make a lovely Sega Genesis or Nintendo Gamecube — those names are timeless. Poor Mr. 2 however, is likely feeling quite a bit dated at this point.

  • Other fun facts included in the video:
  • The PlayStation 2 look was inspired by the last personal computer designed by Atari, before they shifted gears to focus on the Atari Jaguar. Smart move, Atari.
  • The black console with its blue logo are meant to represent the Earth surrounded by the inky blackness of space.
  • The PlayStation 2 was planned to take advantage of streaming broadband services, and Sony promised a streaming music service for the system, which never happened.
  • The first PlayStation console to stream Netflix was the PlayStation 2, but only in Brazil.
  • Japan faced restrictions exporting the PlayStation 2 because the powerful hardware inside might be used for military purposes.
  • Saddam Hussein was once rumored to be stockpiling thousands of PlayStation 2 consoles for weaponization. The rumored proved false, and also stupid.
  • David Lynch is fucking weird.

Most interestingly for me is the fact that those white towers seen during system startup were generated via save data on the user's memory card. I never knew that. Thanks, Did You Know Gaming!