The Man Named PlayStation And Other Fascinating PS2 Facts

The PlayStation 2 was so beloved by its owners that a man in Britain legally changed his name to PlayStation 2 and looked into marrying his system. Did You Know Gaming's latest video looks at this and other weird facts about the best-selling console of all-time.


If I were to change my name to that of a video game console, I probably wouldn't go for one with a number in the name. I think I'd make a lovely Sega Genesis or Nintendo Gamecube — those names are timeless. Poor Mr. 2 however, is likely feeling quite a bit dated at this point.

  • Other fun facts included in the video:
  • The PlayStation 2 look was inspired by the last personal computer designed by Atari, before they shifted gears to focus on the Atari Jaguar. Smart move, Atari.
  • The black console with its blue logo are meant to represent the Earth surrounded by the inky blackness of space.
  • The PlayStation 2 was planned to take advantage of streaming broadband services, and Sony promised a streaming music service for the system, which never happened.
  • The first PlayStation console to stream Netflix was the PlayStation 2, but only in Brazil.
  • Japan faced restrictions exporting the PlayStation 2 because the powerful hardware inside might be used for military purposes.
  • Saddam Hussein was once rumored to be stockpiling thousands of PlayStation 2 consoles for weaponization. The rumored proved false, and also stupid.
  • David Lynch is fucking weird.

Most interestingly for me is the fact that those white towers seen during system startup were generated via save data on the user's memory card. I never knew that. Thanks, Did You Know Gaming!



When I first heard about the PS2 I went to my local EB Games and Pre-ordered the console, 2 games (NHL 2001, and Armored Core 2), and an extra controller. I was 1 hear out of HS and wasn't making much money, but each week I would go add to my deposit. Because I had put my pre-order in January, my name was high on the list. The PS2 launched with only 500k units in North America. So while everyone was freaking out trying to get one, and paying a LOT more on Ebay, my brother and I was happily high sticking each other until December when more units became available. :)