The one and only GB "DocSeuss" Burford wants to know which fascinating game level he should analyze for Kotaku next. He's looked closely at classic levels from Half-Life, Mirror's Edge, Modern Warfare, Dishonored, The Witcher, and Halo. Please recommend specific levels that you want him to break down. Thanks!


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Any level from the Dark Souls games please. I don't know if he plays those games, but I would love to see him talk about it. Any article on the internet that talks about DS games on a deeper level rather than the dime a dozen "ooh look how hard and frustrating this is!!" is always a gem for me to read.

But if I wanted to be specific, the final area from Dark souls 'Kiln of the First Flame', would be a treat to read.

How eerie and beautiful the landscape manages to be the first time you step into that area, the whole game up till point manages to be eerie and beautiful, but that area takes the cake of just telling a fascinating story with just a glance at that decaying landscape.