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The Lupin III Anime's Opening Hides an Optical Illusion

Don’t you love visual tricks? (Be warned, like many optical illusions, not everyone can see this!)


As pointed out on 2ch, if you cover one of your eyes while watching the new Lupin III anime opening sequence, the images appear to leap out at you.

Here, watch the credits. Be sure to cover one of your eyes! Not both. NOT BOTH.

The optical illusion works on a similar principle as these GIFs, which our colleagues at Sploid pointed out last year.


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I dunno. They leap out at me without covering either of my eyes. It’s like a 3d pop out/magic eye picture almost.

I swear, I loaded this page and saw that gif and though wow that looks cool then I read the article and got confused. Watched the video too. Covering one of my eyes doesn’t change the effect at all but I guess I don’t need to do it for it to work for me. My eyes must be weird.