The Luckiest Non-Gaming Moments Ever

We've posted our share of absurd Call of Duty: Black Ops tomahawk throws, Halo: Reach grenade sticks, and physics-bending mishaps. But lets not forget insanely lucky things happen in real life too.

For every crazy trick you pull in a game of Skate, for every car wreck you can't believe happened in Gran Turismo, there are real world moments of epiphany in this video.


Enjoy and here's to a lucky 2011.

[Thanks Merry Melody]

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Oh my fucking god at the cop cars @ 1:20

Allmost too good to be true.

And also, the plane landing @ 2:25, thats actually the way the plane is supposed to land. I believe it's on aruba or curacao, and the landing strip starts right behind the road.