$14.99 worth of tilting and rolling goodness hits the PlayStation Network today, as Sony releases LocoRoco Midnight Carnival for the PSP.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the latest installment of the painfully adorable LocoRoco series, featuring 16 new stages, competitive and co-op multiplayer modes, mini-games, and three bonus stages. The game also introduces the Boing! maneuver, which is a super-enhanced bounce that allows you to bounce off walls, opening up a new level of exploration for fans of those cute little bastards.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival will be available for purchase on the PSN later today, with a demo also available for those of you less trusting of our spherical bouncing friends. Since the game only uses the shoulder buttons, it should make for the perfect showcase for your shiny new PSPgo.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Launches Today! [PlayStation Blog]