As I mentioned in last week's installment of the Week in Gaming Apps, I spent the better part of this week moving all of my stuff from one place to another place. I figured the rest of the team might step up Monday through Wednesday, which is why there are only app reviews for Thursday and Friday. I suppose they were all getting ready for PAX East, so they're excused.

Speaking of excuses, this week's gaming apps are all brought to you by the letter Apple. Sorry, my Android friends, but my various Android devices are still in one of the many boxes surrounding me at the moment, so I was forced to spend what little free time I had playing excellent games on my iPad.

Pretty sure some of them are on Android though, or coming to Android. Eventually Android will completely take over and we'll look back on today and laugh.

What did I manage to play this week?



Alien Hive β€” Free [also on Android]

A lovely little sliding puzzle game with a hint of evolution. Create combos to evolve pieces into more advanced pieces, see how far you can get. Rather engrossing.


Solitaire Blitz β€” Free

A diabolical timed solitaire game that lets you compete with friends in competitions. It's the devil. Run from it. It will eat your soul.


Nitro β€” Free

A colorful little racing game with real0time multiplayer and a lot of charm.


The Wizard of Oz β€” Free

It's the social game from Facebook in mobile form. As long as it still has the Munchkin cam (and it does), I'm in.


Unmechanical β€” $2.99

Teotl Studios and Talawa Games' wonderfully atmospheric puzzle adventure is a steal on iOS.


Fetch β€” $4.99

A truly enchanting adventure game about a boy rescuing his dog from strange robotic dog-oppressors. One of the most charming games on the iPad.


Bobbing β€” $.99 [also on Android]

An action-puzzler with a gravity-reversing mechanic AND a color-change mechanical, making it twice as challenging and four times as entertaining.


Mini Golf Match-Up β€” Free [also on Android]

It's mini golf with friends, with brightly-colored courses and turn-based multiplayer rounds. Not a big golf fan myself, but I'm really liking this.

App Reviews for the Week of March 16-22


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