The Life & Times Of Nintendo's Game Boy

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Haven't you heard? The Game Boy is 20! And to celebrate the occasion, Gizmodo artiste and Game Boy fetishist Jesus Diaz has whipped up this handy timeline, charting the machine's highs and lows.


You know, looking at this has reminded me; if there's one console I'm going to buy this year, it'll probably be one of those Famicom-themed Game Boy Micros. Get that, a copy of Link to the Past + Four Swords, and just lock myself away for a month.


Click the link below for the embiggened version!

The Definitive Game Boy Timeline [Gizmodo]

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Where's the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, Wonderswan, Lynx II, Gizmondo, TapWave, PSP?

Nothing has ever overtaken Nintendo's dominance but like others have said, the Game Gear certainly gave it the best shot of any rival company handheld so far.

The Lynx officially died in 1994 so that had a five year life span. Currently where the PSP is at in its life too.