The Life of Undertale's Flowey, in GIF Form

Flowey is the first character you see in Undertale, and his story... let’s just say it’s unique. Also, turns out, it translates well to digital flipbook, or at least animated GIF form.


Note: Heavy Undertale spoilers follow.

The 53-frame animation, or rather the 53-part image series, depicts Flowey’s life, starting with his suicide and his first resets, showing his descent into near-insanity all the way to his (possibly) final death at the end of the Genocide Route.

It first popped up on a South Korean forum earlier this year, eventually ending up in the hands of redditor qowotjq0129, who posted it to r/undertale yesterday.

You can view the album here, but in case you’d rather just watch, I’ve embedded a GIF of the series below.

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Explination here for people who are okay for spoilers but don’t know undertale’s story. Spoilers, duh.

Flowey is Asriel. He died a long time ago, but is revived by Alphys who gave his ashes determination, using a flower for his body catalyst. However Flowey couldn’t feel emotions, but could save and reset like the player. Headcannon is that the determination revived “Chara’s soul” which he had absorbed, but not his own.

Trying to find meaning in his life, he tries everything from befriending everyone to killing everything. Eventually something new happens, which is that he meets the player, but loses his power to save and reset himself, as Chara began to possess Frisk as seen in the Genocide ending.

Even though he can no longer save and reset, he can still remember when the player does so, as the power to save is possibly Chara’s power, which the possessed Frisk is using.