The Lies We Tell Age-Gates

I wasn't really born in 1863. But I just lied and told an age-gate on the website for the game publisher Bethesda that I was. And the dumb thing believed me. (This is how we keep the children safe.)

You've probably lied to an age-gate, too. But how?

I asked this question on Twitter yesterday.

I just told an age-gate that I was born in 1863. I usually pick a January birthday to save time. You?

— Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) June 3, 2013

Some replies...

@stephentotilo 1-1-WHATEVER-YEAR -IT-SCROLLS-TO

— Dave Tach (@dptach) June 3, 2013

@stephentotilo Jan 1, 1900 4 lyfe

— Lik Chan (@LikChan) June 3, 2013

@stephentotilo Everyone on Steam was born on January 1st, 1901

— Dave Oshry (@DaveOshry) June 3, 2013

@stephentotilo January is convenient, but I bet you picked 1863 out of spite.

— Jeremy LaMont (@Jeremy_LaMont) June 3, 2013


And, look! An honest person...

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