Situated on the second floor of a duplex on top of the local pool joint, the LEGO Detective Office would be perfect if not for the heinous crime going on under the blocky gumshoe's very nose.

Due out in January for $159.99, the LEGO Detective Office is a prime example of the thought and planning that goes into creating an official LEGO building set. Right away it nails the setting — office on the second floor over a joint called The Highlander, barbershop named Al's next door. It's exactly the sort of place you'd expect a private dick to hang his hat.


But there's more to this story. As the video below explains, the barbershop, pool hall and even the upstairs kitchen aren't simple set dressing — there's a crime being committed.

Packed with hidden trap doors and secret stash barrels, the Detective Office is just an inconvenient cog in a high-end candy smuggling operation. As our private eye is puzzling over his clues, the criminals are peeking in through his skylight to make sure he's occupied while they transport their illicit goods.


See? They're cooking. This is like Breaking Bad meets True Detective.

I love the LEGO Creator Expert series, and by love I mean I covet it, generally from afar. I've been collecting the house sets since last Christmas — the modern family home, the tree house, the mountain cabin — and I've had my eyes on the Bike Shop and Cafe set for some time now. I might have to hold off and buy this instead. Just look at the details!


LEGO's first official mirror piece. That's pretty huge right there.


The top of this building uses pieces from the Hero Factory line to achieve that cool masonry effect.

That distinctive 'S' shape? That's the tail from The LEGO Movie's Unikitty.


And that right there is the first LEGO pull-chain toilet. Fancy!

This set is just brilliant. As an added bonus, it's the perfect compliment to the extremely unofficial LEGO Strip Club.

Yes, I shall have this come January. Or whenever tax returns come in. Because.