Slide-able Batpoles! A Batmobile with a clearly labeled “Emergency Bat-Turn Lever!” Cesar Romero’s Joker, complete with makeup’d over ‘stache! An official “DICK” LEGO piece! Kapow! Whamm! Zooomm!

The classic Batman television series hit the airwaves on January 12, 1966, so LEGO has put together a 2,526 piece tribute to that monument to campiness in the form of set 76052, the Classic TV Series Batcave. It’s got everything you need for endless Bat Adventures.

You want tiny, blocky versions of your favorite TV heroes?

How about the most despicable TV villains?

Or your most stalwart TV butlers?

Sorry, Alfred.

Our story begins within the halls of stately Wayne Manor. Master Bruce and Dick are enjoying a relaxing day of banter when a call comes through on the Bat Phone. It’s the Commissioner! Four of Batman’s greatest foes have taken over the Gotham Polecat Museum! With a flip of a secret switch a hidden door opens. Down the Batpoles they go!

Careful lads, it’s a long way down—and a long way back up!

They’re ready for action, but how will the Dynamic Duo make it to the scene of the crime on time? Do they take the Batmobile?

The Batcopter?

The Batcycle?

Batmobile it is!

But oh no, they’re already too late! The vile villains of villainous villainy are assaulting Wayne Manor!

And now they’ve breached the Batcave itself!

How can our heroes possibly make it out of this scrape? Have the villains finally won? Would you pay $269 for an 18 inch high, 22 inch wide LEGO replica of the best Batcave ever?

Tune into your favorite LEGO retailer on March 1 to find out!

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