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The Legendary Skylanders Return To Toys'R'Us

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey kids, want the same exact toys in black and gold? The Toys'R'Us legendary Skylanders line continues with next month's Trap Team, with a pair of special toys guaranteed to be warming shelves a month or two after launch.

Two years ago I might have told parents and fans to make a beeline for Toys'R'Us to preorder the special Legendary Jawbreaker figure and the Legendary Nightmare Express adventure pack when they become available on September 9, but you know what? Take your time.


Like its transparent special edition toys from Disney Infinity, these legendary Skylanders tend to stick around long after the normal toys have disappeared.


The color scheme is lovely — check out that golden sword on Legendary Blades here — but it'll still be there when the store has one of its buy two, get one free sales.

Speaking of which, Saturday September 13, Toys'R'Us will have all of its Skylanders figures marked at buy one, get one 70 percent off, with Swap Force starter packs priced to move at $19.99,

See? Patience always wins.