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The Legend Of Team Fortress 2: Jar Of Piss Of Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We like Zelda. We like Team Fortress 2. By that thinking, then, it is safe to assume we like it when the two are combined.

Last year, Steam user goldenhearted took Valve's multiplayer shooter and transplanted its lovable characters into other people's game worlds. Mass Effect, Street Fighter, even Persona 4. If you've seen these before, great! If not, enjoy.

Those listed above are great. Our favourites, though, are these two: The Legend of Sniper: Jarate of Time (above), and FortCraft (below). The former because the true hero of time is a man that can wait so long in one spot he has to piss into glass jars. And the latter because "Scout Rush!" is a term that transcends games.


What if Team Fortress 2 was not a FPS but... a fighter? or a JRPG? [Steam]