Meet The Sniper

Valve has released "Meet The Sniper," the newest clip in the expertly animated and hilarious character profiles from Team Fortress 2.


The introduction to the Sniper may rival "Meet The Heavy" in terms of laughs—especially if you pay attention during the time-lapse segment—and stands head and shoulders above every other release in terms of direction. Possibly my favorite "Meet The" so far.

Thanks to everyone who reminded us of the new clip's release today.



Man, wish there were bots for this! Just to round out small servers. I play various games online every weekend with just 3 other people and we'd like to get into TF2 but we're feeling like it wouldn't be worth it (or would it??) to invest in the game just to play 2-on-2 matches. So we wish this had bots—just to add a little more traffic and mayhem around the maps. I'm assuming 2-on-2 isn't really enough.

But we just hate playing any game on public servers (we've been burned sooooo many times over the years by jerks ruining all our fun on pubs), so we prefer to play on our own, in private password-protected sessions. So for shooters we tend to pick games that have bots (CS:S, UT, BF2, etc.), so we can round out our matches WITHOUT jerky humans.

So yeah, wish TF2 had bots!! :(