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By their powers combined, they are Captain Sitting Around In A Chair! Five of the country's "legendary" names in gaming are converging on the E for All Expo in the name of ending hunger, once and for a little while! Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, Billy Mitchell, Justin Wong, Todd Rogers and TriForce will be taking on all comers at E for All next weekend, with the price of admission being one perishable food item to be donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank for the upcoming holiday season. Each gamer is playing a specific game - FatalONEty has Doom 4, Billy "Hot Sauce" Mitchell on Donkey Kong, Justin Wong is rocking Marvel VS. Capcom 2, Todd Rogers will be on Gorf (hell yeah), and finally TriForce takes it tiny with Tetris DS. It's actually a pretty sweet thing they're doing here, so if you're planning on attending E For All, bring along some canned food, and not the generic crap. It's for the holidays, dammit. Hit the jump for more info.The League of Legendary Gamers For perhaps the only time in history, 5 of the Nations most recognized gamers come together for one common cause, “Feed the hungry”. In an attempt to do what matters most and fulfill an obligation as productive citizens of the United States of America; Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, Billy Mitchell, Justin Wong, Todd Rogers and TriForce will work with E For All Expo in a joint effort to collect food for the Los Angeles Food Bank for the upcoming holiday. The 5 Kings of gaming will use their prolific gaming ability to raise food for the hungry at the E For All expo. A League like no other Attendees will be able to challenge The 5 Kings in gaming on the E for All Gamers Stage. Challenges will be set by each of the 5 gamers in their respective game. In order to participate in the challenge, attendees will need at least 1 perishable food good as entry fee to the challenge. Each participant will receive a raffle ticket which will be raffled on Sunday October 5th 2008 at 3pm to win a Nintendo Wii sponsored by and autographed by all 5 gamers in the League of Legendary Gamers. Challenge the Masters and their Games * · Fatal1ty: Doom 4 * · TriForce: Tetris DS * · Billy Mitchell: Donkey Kong * · Todd Rogers: Gorf * · Justin Wong: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Background of Featured Gamers Billy Mitchell: Originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts, Billy Mitchell grew up in South Florida and began playing games at the age of sixteen. In 1982 the name Billy Mitchell has resonated throughout the classic arcade scene. As the gaming pioneer for the competitive elite, Billy has since become the ambassador for gaming world wide. Justin Wong: Hailing from the Empire State, New York City; at age 22, Justin “Marvelous” Wong has competed in numerous fighting game tournaments, both domestically and internationally. His road to becoming the King of Fighters began at Double Perfect Productions LLC: “SRK” Evolution International Fighting Game Series originally called the B-series, where he subsequently went on a (8) year reign as the (6) time Marvel vs. Capcom2 world Champion. This established the young gamers rise to supremacy in the fighting game genre. TriForce: Hailing from the Empire State, New York City; at the tender age of 4, TriForce has played videogames because of his love for adventure such as the Legend of Zelda. TriForce has always sought out new ways to master the games in which he plays. TriForce holds 30 plus world records in gaming, a 2 time Guinness World Record holder and also the first gamer to receive the Nintendo Wii from President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Amie who autographed his Wii. Fatal1ty: Originally from Houston Texas, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel is the most accomplished, professional PC gamer in history. As the world’s most famous PC gamer he spreads interest in PC gaming wherever he goes and, in the process, has become the sport’s worldwide ambassador. He presently reigns as the holder of 10 major championships, winning titles in 5 different games, a feat never before accomplished. Todd Rogers: Has been setting world record high score since 1980. With the wide variety of system consoles that are out today you can only imagine what Todd is hard at work doing. Todd Rogers as a member of "The U.S. National Video Game Team" history's first team of professional video game players back in the mid 80's. Originally from Chicago now residing in Brooksville Florida, Todd Rogers who was crowned "The King of Video Games" by most media, and recognized world wide for his vast video gaming championship titles is featured in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records on page 155.


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