The lead designer of The Secret World says that he and many others got laid off by Funcom.


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People are poor as hell right now, what did you expect to happen?

Gee, i can pay $15 a month plus the $50 at the start for ONE game or I can spend $15 a month on a different game each month. Hell, i buy games on clearance all the time for about $7 plus the cost of any DLC i want and i still get more game for my dollar than any of these MMOs. WoW keeps it's core group because they're already addicted. You don't see many alcoholics turning into meth heads do you? They're not about to switch games now.

Single player games with multiplayer "map packs" like CoD or F2P MMO and charge for the in game items through "micro transactions" DLC.

Subscriptions are DEAD!